Mama deer's brave rescue of terrified fawn from middle of the road caught on camera

Jun 07, 2018
06:29 A.M.

This woman came across an amazing scene of motherly love and affection in the middle of a road.


Jessie Larson was driving down a highway in Port Orchard, Washinton, when she came upon a deer and her fawn crossing the road.

Larson stopped her car and put her hazard lights on, and started filming the scene unfolding before her. It was then shared to Facebook.

The footage shows the terrified fawn lying down in the road, and Larson was convinced that the little one had curled up because she was afraid. The woman switched her car off, allowing the mother time to collect her baby.

Mama deer turned back to her baby, and tried to gently nudge her back to her feet to get out of the road.


But even the mother can be seen looking scared by where they were, and kept looking up at her surroundings to make sure that she and her little one were safe.

The little one, who couldn't be more than a few days old on those wobbly legs, stumbled to her feet, but looked just seconds later like she was about to lie back down.

Fortunately, she thought better of it and instead got up and trotted after her mother down the road.

It was at that point that Larson stopped filming, but in her Facebook post she explained that this was so that she could usher the pair off the road, as they seemed to instead have decided to wonder up the road on the tarmac.

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