Overwhelmed flower girl stole the show at wedding

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 08, 2018
10:25 A.M.
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A young flower girl stole the show and entertained wedding guests when she needed a marine's help to climb a few steps. 


The video was first shared on YouTube in 2011 by Jukin Media and has since accumulated more than 600,000 views on the one channel alone. 

Joie, the flower girl, drew a giggle or two from wedding guests as she and a pageboy walked down the aisle. However, matters took an unexpected turn when the reached the steps. 

The pageboy, Lane, was taller and could climb the three steps easily, but the flower girl struggled. As the pageboy walked away, a marine stepped up to help the girl. 

With his help, she made it up two steps, but the third step seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. He had to gently pick her up and place her on the landing. 


She stood there for a few seconds, trying to regain her balance before giving up. She could not work under those conditions and sat down right there on the floor, in front of the pastor. 

One of the other groomsmen stepped out from the line and gently helped nudged her towards the bridesmaids. By then, her hair was disheveled, the tiara was off, and the guests were laughing. 


The adorable video prompted YouTube users to share their own experiences. Lilie Albert could relate and said 'walking with that big ole dress is exhausting.' 

A user known only as Orange Mafia said she was terrified when they tried to do her makeup and wanted to know why the adults were poking her in the eye, while Colleen Williams commended the marine for helping her. 

Sarah Carter had a horrific experience and recalled that she ran screaming down the aisle because there was a bee in her flower basket.

She admitted that it wasn't her best moment, but she was only three years old. For more adorable videos, follow our Twitter account, AmoMama USA.