Aretha Franklin has an adult look-alike granddaughter who inherited her musical talent

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 13, 2018
07:19 A.M.
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Aretha Franklin has one of the fiercest voices that we have ever witnessed in the entertainment industry. She’s not called “The Queen Soul” for nothing. Now, as Aretha gets older, it seems like a member of her family is getting ready to take over the family business, and Franklin is totally on board with the idea.


Her voice and talent are timeless, and Aretha Franklin still has the ability to entrap an audience with her performance. A dedicated woman of family, Aretha started to have kids at a young age, at the age 12 to be exact, and she’s a mother of four kids from different fathers.

Two of her kids have followed her steps into the music industry. Ted White, Jr., known professionally as Teddy Richards, who has played the guitar at Aretha’s live concerts, and Kecalf Cunningham, born from her brief relationship to road manager Ken Cunningham, and who debuted as a Christian rapper a few years ago


But while Teddy is a successful guitarist and musician, Kecalf’s sound has been met with skepticism and bad critics. Many experts have tilted his rap and sound and mediocre, and some have pointed out he’s not worthy of attention and is putting his mom’s name to shame.

Kecalf is the father of a beautiful 18-years-old girl, who, unlike him, seems to have what it takes to make it into the music industry. Victorie has the support of her grandmother, and Aretha has been training the girl herself since she was little.

Credit: GettyImages / Global Images of Ukraine


She already made her debut on a big stage with a mind-blowing performance of Tamela Mann’s “Take me to the King,” at the BET Awards Tribute in 2014. The same night, big figures of the music industry like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monae and Tamar Braxton also took the stage.

Aretha confessed to TMZ a few years ago that she’s been working on getting Victorie a record deal, but while that’s still in process with not good results on sight, the girl has taken the issue on her own hands. 


She started to upload some of her covers on YouTube, and since that has worked for many artists like Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, maybe her sweet voice will catch someone’s attention on the web and her career will finally take off.