Author Katy Regan shares what it's like to fall pregnant with your best friend's baby

Jun 12, 2018
02:38 A.M.

Journalist and author Katy Regan narrates her journey as a single mother who shares her son with her best friend.


Regan revealed in an article in Pop Sugar that she would not change a thing about her past.

As a 29-year-old, Regan was living her dream. She had been working at a popular magazine for three months.

One morning in March 2004, she stopped at a Starbucks to use the bathroom. She decided to take a second pregnancy test.

She was about to throw the stick into the bin when she noticed a faint cross on it. She held it up to the light to realize that it was becoming stronger and stronger by the second.

She immediately rang her friend, whom she had nicknamed Egg. She was shaking when she told him that she was pregnant. She told him that she had taken up the second test and it came positive.

There was silence on the other end of the phone but the two agreed to meet for lunch. Though the moment is a shock for every woman, it was just bigger for Regan.

She and Egg were not married nor were they in a relationship. The two were, and still are, best friends, according to the author.

The two had met three years ago when she was a 26-year-old journalist and he was a 33-year-old photographer. They hit it off immediately and become good friends.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Regan and Egg chose to remain friends. However, one night they ended up in bed together. The relationship carried on for three years until she fell pregnant.

The photographer was calm and delighted about the situation. Regan herself never doubted she wanted to keep their baby.

She had always assumed her life would follow the conventional pattern – meet someone, get married, and have children. Suddenly, she was a single mother of a child she shares with her best friend.

The two tried being in a relationship but failed miserably. They decided to stay friends and have the baby together. They attended their scan together, where they were referred to as a married couple.


Their friendship deepened and they agreed to co-parent. They would live apart but share care of the child.

Regan gave birth to a boy in December 2014 with Egg by her side who was very supportive. She believes that her 13-year-old son does not have to worry about his parents divorcing.

He enjoys the fact that his parents live separately since he gets more attention. The author feels that her son has all the benefits of the other parent’s love and support without any fear that it may go sour one day.

Regan is set to bring her first book to the US called Little Big Love. The author has written four books to her credit, including the bestselling author of One Thing Led to Another and The One Before the One.

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