June 12, 2018

5-year-old ready to move out until he realizes he needs mom to cook for him (video)

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A mother known only as Nereyda G.M had her hands full raising two boys, but her eldest son decided it would be best for him to move out and live on his own.

He was only five years old at the time, back in November 2015, and Nereyda shared the adorable footage with her 1,600 YouTube subscribers. 

'He was upset that I told him to stop making his baby brother cry. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh. Wait till you hear what he has packed!'

Nereyda G.M, YouTube, November 8, 2015. 

He was heading towards the front door with his backpack on his back when his mother started filming the departure. She had a few questions for her son. 


She asked what he had packed for the long journey ahead. "Toys and stuff," he answered. Not giving up so soon, his mother asked him "what about money?"

He admitted that he didn't have any. Next, she wanted to know if he would continue to attend school. He answered that he's "not gonna go." 


Without losing her cool, she asked about food. He mumbled something under his breath which she heard as "work," but he repeated the answer, saying he would "order something." 

When asked where he would order from, he simply said that the could not tell her "because he is leaving." At this point, he was close to tears, but still, the questioning continued. 


Her final line of reasoning made him change his mind. She asked if he had greeted all his friends and reminded him that he wouldn't be able to see his family anymore. 

He gave in and decided to stay. Without skipping a beat, his mother ended the conversation with a cheery "welcome back home!" 

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