11-year-old girl bullied for her ears gets plastic surgery

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
06:05 A.M.
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A young girl had to undergo a cosmetic surgery after being fed up with excessive bullying at school.


After being bullied by her schoolmates for having 'elf-ears,' 11-year-old Bella Harrington went under a plastic surgery to get her earlobes fixed.

Harrington was often picked on by her classmates for her protruding ears for a long time. When her mother knew about it, she felt terribly heartbroken.

She believed that her daughter got the long years genetically from her. Secondly, she also went through similar harassment in her life so she could easily relate what her daughter might have been through.

That was when she started doing some research and decided to get plastic surgery to fix Harrington's ears.


In a video uploaded to YouTube, the mother-daughter duo is seen seeking help from plastic surgeon Dr. Joe Niamtu, who planned out an otoplasty that would transform her ears into what she often wanted for herself

The video further revealed the emotional moment when Dr. Niamtu removed the bandages and showed the little girl and her mother the result of the plastic surgery.


"What do you think?" the doctor asked the young girl in the video. Harrington, however, is unable to reply even a single word at first. She got overwhelmed by the moment and could only nod her head in approval.

"Are you happy? Make you cry a little bit?" Dr. Niamtu kept asking but the girl could only nod as she began to wipe tears from her eyes.

Dr. Niamtu, who has helped several other patients like Harrington, admitted in the video that his patients are much happier after the procedure and it helps to boost their self-confidence.

The doctor also told Harrington that she was "brave" and "pretty" and it was his honor to be able to help her become even prettier.