Eartha Kitt's biracial daughter shared photo with grown-up son who doesn't look like his granny

Aby Rivas
Jun 13, 2018
08:56 P.M.

Eartha Kitt was one of the most iconic singers of the ‘50s, and even after her death in 2008, her legacy is kept alive by her only daughter, Kitt Shapiro. The woman, who has faced backlash all her life for being white while her mom was black, recently shared a photo of her grown-up son.


Kitt Shapiro is the only daughter of Eartha Kitt’s marriage to John William McDonald. However, at first glance, no one would guess that Shapiro is Kitt’s daughter. The reason being that they don’t look like each other, at all.


Kitt grew up on the road, traveling with her mom while she was on tour, taking her first steps backstage on big venues and learning from a very young age everything there was to know about the music industry. However, Kitt didn’t inherit Eartha’s talent, so, instead of following her mom’s steps into music, she became her manager in the last years of her career.


The 56-years-old gorgeous woman started her own business, Simply Eartha, after her mother’s death in 2008, when the singer lost her battle with colon cancer at age 81. The business is focused on selling every kind of goods, from candles to sweaters, with handwritten quotes from Eartha.

In the webpage, Kitt also runs a blog where she’s always talking about her mother and the love they had for each other. And one of the most famous entries in the blog is titled “Why don´t you look more like your mother?” in which she tries to finally put an end to all the comments about the striking differences between her and Eartha.


She wrote:

“A woman came up to me at a recent event and asked me that very question. Why don’t I look like my mother? Wow. Is that just another way of saying, ‘why is your skin color so much lighter?’ or ‘how is it you have blond hair?’.

My parents told me that when I was born, people came to the nursery in the hospital and would get into arguments when they saw that Eartha Kitt’s baby was a pudgy, white, girl.”


And added:

“I think my mother got a kick out of having a child who, at first glance, didn’t have any resemblance to her. She would tell me with great pride how I “…was like a walking United Nations. Belonging to everyone and no one at the same time.” Impossible to be put into just one category or descriptive column.”


Kitt also stated that her mother believed that putting people and art into boxes was unnecessary, and she preferred to say she was part of the human race when someone asked.

In a recent photo shared by Shapiro on Instagram, she’s posing with her handsome son, Jason, who looks exactly like his mother, but nothing like his grandmother. However, Shapiro’s family is proud of who their grandmother was, and even though people would not believe them if they said they are related, they’re now used to it.

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