How a crying beagle greeted his owner after 18 months apart

Jun 14, 2018
07:38 A.M.

Video footage showed Charlie the beagle greeting his owner when he returned home after traveling for 18 months.


Newsflare shared the video shot in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 3, 2016.

Dog owners can probably imagine the moment when they walk through the door to find their pet waiting for them. With the tail wagging, the barks and the kisses welcome them home.

And when they are gone for a longer period of time, the welcome by the pet is on a larger scale. It is probably awaited the man from Atlanta.

After traveling for a year and a half, the man was delighted to have returned home. He was greeted by his family just outside his home.

There was one family member who was the happiest at his return – his pet dog Charlie. The man may never have expected his beagle to react the way it did.

The video begins with a person rushing outside the house to capture something. The person dashes through the house with the camera on.


It is outside the house in the driveway that a heartwarming scene is unfolding.

The person filming the scene immediately points the camera towards the man who has just returned home after 18 months of traveling.

He is greeted by his pet dog, Charlie. The beagle appears to be euphoric after seeing his owner coming back home.

He is seen jumping up to the man and howling without a stop while wagging his tail.

It is clear that the dog missed his owner immensely and is overcome with emotions as he reunites with his favorite human being.

It is a joyous reunion a fact proved by Charlie’s ecstatic cries.

The man responds to the love he received, greets his beloved beagle. Once he starts talking, the dog does too with high-pitched howls which make everyone in the neighborhood laugh.

The man picks up Charlie and it continues the display of affection wagging his tail and kissing him.

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