'The Chew' hosts' emotional reaction to show's cancelation

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 19, 2018
12:20 P.M.
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After seven seasons delighting their viewers with the best culinary tips and news, the food-themed talk show final episode was taped on June 14, to be aired the following Friday.


ABC had previously announced on May 23 that the show was not going to be renewed for an eighth season, to the disappointment of its many fans and its own hosts, who couldn’t hide their sadness for the cancelation.

The day after the bad news came out, the hosts took some time during the show’s episode to address their feelings about the network’s decision. On its final season, The Chew was hosted by Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly, and Michael Symon.

Introducing the May 24 episode, Kelly went straight to the uncomfortable subject to make sure everybody who was watching knew about the show’s fate and to take the opportunity to start giving it closure.


‘It’s an interesting day here at The Chew because most of you might have heard, some of you might not have, but The Chew has not been picked up for an eighth season—our seventh season is our last,’ Kelly started


The live audience wasn’t any happy about hearing this, and ‘boos’ could be heard at the set. Kelly tried to calm them down by replying: ‘It’s okay, It’s okay. These things happen.’

Kelly, who served as the show’s moderator, move on to tell the audience that the episode’s main subject was going to be the show itself, as a tribute to its great seven-year run.

The hosts spent the first segment talking about their feelings about the show coming to an end.

‘The mood is a little sad around here, to be honest with you. There is a lot of people who work really hard on this show and really believe in this show and we’re all going to miss this show very, very much,’ Kelly shared.


Symon took his cue from Kelly and expressed that in all the years he had spent doing television he had never had so much fun like when working on The Chew, and he cited the fans as the reason for this.

The chef went on to reveal that h could count on a couple of fingers the days when he didn’t want to wake up at 5:30 AM to go to work.

Hall, in turn, talked about how proud it made her when she ran into people who let her know that the show was an important part of their lives and that it got them through difficult times. For her, it is part of the legacy they leave behind.

‘I was watching when I was sick or when I was having my baby, and you were truly the happy place,’ Hall recalled having heard from fans. ‘That means a lot and we don’t take that for granted,’ she added.


Kelly took the opportunity to speak directly to his co-host to give them a heartfelt tribute, praising them for their professionalism but above all for being ‘good people.’ He shared how grateful he was for having them as working partners.

He also implied that the show was the ideal place for him to live under his three guiding principles of love, awe, and gratitude, as he vowed for nine years ago. 

In addition to the emotional comments and thoughts shared by the hosts on air, they also took to social media to say farewell to the show and thank their fans.


A clip from the May 24 episode was posted on the show’s official Twitter account, quoting Symon.

‘A huge thank you to #TheChew's incredible fans. You guys are unbelievable and you made it so special for us. You let us into your homes every day at 1 o’clock to laugh, and to teach, and to have a great time. It’s been great,’ it read.

‘I am so grateful for all the good times and incredible friends I have made over the past seven years on The Chew. It has truly been an amazing ride,’ tweeted Hall.

Right after learning about the ending of the show, many fans started to campaign on social media to make ABC reconsider the decision, creating the hashtag #RenewTheChew.


‘@ABCNetwork have you figured out yet the love of TheChew by its fans. #renewthechew,’ wrote a user.


The surprising news about the show’s cancelation came soon after it was confirmed that there was an official ongoing criminal investigation into former co-host Mario Batali.

The disgraced celebrity chef stepped down from the show on December 2017 after the allegations of sexual misconduct against him were made public. He is currently the subject of an NYPD investigation for sexual assault.

In the episode in question, the remaining hosts refrain from commenting about Batali’s troubles with the law.

The Chew will say farewell on Friday, June 15, airing its final show. Previously unaired episodes will continue to air until June 28, with reruns running until the end of the summer. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa