Drowning boy's rescue from swimming pool caught on camera

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 15, 2018
01:09 A.M.
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Two good samaritans saved a young boy from drowning at Essex Park pool in Rochester, Minnesota.


The pool was filled with children enjoying a dip in the pool on the afternoon of June 4, 2018, as reported by KTCC.

Suddenly, a child sank to the bottom and disappeared for a whole minute.

No one but 13-year-old Cody Runyon noticed. The teen sprang to action, diving into the pool to save the child.

"I went under water, and all of a sudden I see him just laying on the ground just sitting down in five feet, just passed out," Tunyon said in an interview with KTCC.

No life guard was on duty at the time.


After finding the drowning child, Cody held him and got him out of the water. He gently laid the child on the pavement.

"I grabbed him like that like around his waist, and then his head was over my shoulder and I started carrying him," Cody recalled.


A woman named Desiree Pasko then came to administer CPR to the child. At first, she thought the children were pulling a prank.

"Adrenaline was so surreal at the time that I walked over and said to the young man that had drowned, 'This isn't funny. If you're playing this isn't funny," Desiree recounted.

"I said it two or three times before I knew that it was just time to pull him out and I pulled him out and initiated CPR," she continued.

Desiree performed mouth-to-mouth rescucitation, but it didn't work. She then began chest compressions. After a short while, she head a small gurgle and saw the child's pale cheeks turning pink.


Desiree gave one more breath and did two more big pumps.

"And then I tipped him over just praying that he would vomit and he did. And when he'd vomited I started screaming, 'He's alive! He's alive!'" she said.

Cody and Desiree never thought that what seemed like an ordinary day would turn them into heroes.

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