Social media users react to viral video of 'toilet bowl' manicure

Jun 15, 2018
08:52 P.M.
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An unconventional nail art drew mixed responses from fans who commented their disgust and praises in equal measure.


Nail Sunny, a Moscow-based nail salon, took to Instagram to share a short clip of an unusual manicure that they gave one of their clients, a woman whose face wasn't seen on the footage.

The surprising video clip shows the woman getting a pooping butt design on her nails. It has gathered over 600,000 views so far with more and more people talking about it on the internet.

The video is shot in time-lapse and shows the entire process, right from the start, of the pooping butt nail design that the salon gave it client.

The nail technician working on the design uses a brown color to use as the substance that resembles poop and then she covers it with a clear coat to design a butt on top of it.


Nail Sunny captioned the posted clip, 'Video dedicates to all our followers who comments "Oohhh nail sunny sick [expletive]'"


Several fans of the salon seem to be unsure about what to make of the design. Many commented their disgust at the design, while others seemed simply baffled.

One of the fans wrote in the comments section, 'Who thinks of things like this!?' Another fan was even harsher in his choice of words and wrote, 'This is stupid and silly plus weird to get it.'

However, fans' responses of hate and support came in equal measures. Some of the fans also commented that the design was 'kind of satisfying' while another wrote, 'Like okay this dumb [expletive] but I’m not gonna lie I’m impressed.'

Whether or not you're impressed with the design, there's absolutely no denying that hefty amount of hard work and skill has gone into the design.