Girl scolds dad for the one thing most woman hate: leaving the toilet seat up

Jun 16, 2018
01:31 A.M.
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Adorable toddler Bradlee Rae Hayes confronts her father and does not give up until he agrees to change his annoying toilet etiquette.


One of the most common manners that men get schooled on is their tendency to leave the toilet seat up after going to the bathroom.

This time, family man Jeremiah was schooled about his toilet etiquette by none other than his adorable young daughter Bradlee Rae Hayes.

In a video shared by Caters Clip, Hayes walks up to her father to confront him about his annoying habit of leaving the toilet seat up.

The little girl, who appears to be 5 – 7 years old, speaks her mind without throwing a tantrum.

The calm and composure that she maintains as she talks to her father bear a striking resemblance to how a mature, adult woman would approach the conversation.


Hayes does not beat around the bush and starts out by reminding her father that he had been cautioned about the habit multiple times in the past.

Clearly disturbed by Jeremiah’s failure to comply with the repeated requests, Hayes asked her how many more times he had to be reminded until he would finally change his ways.


The toddler’s confrontation caught her father off guard, and he tried to defend himself stating that he already had to put the seat up before using the toilet, and it would make sense for the women to do the task of putting it down.

However, Hayes as not nearly convinced by her father’s explanation.

She continued to insist that it was his duty to put the toilet seat back down before leaving the bathroom, as a gesture for the women and girls who would have to use the bathroom after him.

Even after a few pushbacks from her father, Hayes continued to uphold her side of the argument, until he finally gave in to her demands, and agreed to always put the toilet seat down.


By the time Hayes’ younger sibling curiously entered the scene crawling, Hayes had successfully convinced her father to agree to her demands.

Videos of fathers getting schooled by their young daughters are quite a popular phenomenon.

Another such video captured a father and his twin daughters having an adorable argument until he finally walks away.

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