16 skaters amaze audience with mind-blowing routine displaying impeccable harmony

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 22, 2018
09:18 A.M.
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This team has the crowd on their side from the very moment they took the ice, and the cheers just never ended as they performed their beautiful routine.


Figure skating is no easy sport, and has been immensely popular since it's first inclusion in the Winter Olympics in 1924. It requires intense training, definitive athleticism, and an unparalleled grace. 

Performing a sport like synchronized skating may not involve the technical difficulty of massive jumps and intricate spins, but requires an intense focus on staying perfectly in tune with a number of other people on the ice. 

When Team Canada took to the ice in Hamilton for the World Synchronized Skating Championships event in 2015, the audience was thrilled to watch their graceful formations gliding seamlessly across the ice. 


Their 4-minute routine ended up winning them the top prize, making them the World Championships on home, err, ice

Unlike many skating routines, the team decided to dance their prize-winning moves to a rock 'n roll tune rather tha a soft, slow song. 


Throughout the performance, the skaters created a number of different formations, ranging from skating all in a solid line together to skating in circles or groups of four. 

They also showed off their incredible knowledge of one another's whereabouts by gliding between one another in rows without causing any collisions. They appeared to be in perfect harmony throughout the entire routine. 

Even as the skaters took the ice before their routine started, the crowd was excited to see what they were going to produce. And when the opening beats of the drum started to sound, they only got more amped up. 

The entire time the team were on the ice, even as the highlights of their routine were shown afterwards, the crowd never lulled in their support. 

By the end of it, the team were awarded an incredible 71.06 for their beautiful routine, letting them take home the gold for their incredible performance.