Michael Jai White and wife Gillian Waters show off toned muscles in latest pic

The stunning couple showed off the result of their intensive workout sessions with a series of photos that left fans wowed. They have been married for three years, but White admitted in a serious post how much Waters has changed his life.

Michael Jai White is a pretty versatile man. He started off as a teacher and later on decided to focus on acting, but something that has been a constant in his life is his love for martial arts. He holds black belts in seven different styles and has 26 titles including U.S. Open, North American Open, and New England Grand Champion.

He has acted in several films and series for almost three decades, but is better known for his performance as Mike Tyson in HBO TV film “Tyson,” and as Al Simmons, in the 1997 superhero film “Spawn,” making him the first-ever African American actor to portray a major comic book superhero in a film. 

White had several failed relationships through his life. His first marriage to Courtney Chatham lasted six years and they had a daughter named Morgan. He also has two sons from previous relationships. 

In 2015, he married actress Gillian Waters in a luxurious wedding ceremony in Thailand that featured an elephant parade, fireworks, exotic Thai dancers, a lavish dinner, and a stunning custom gown made by designer Milan Bangkok for the bride.

Since then, the couple has been sharing their wonderful life together through social media, leading by example and working together to be a better version of themselves, both in their marriage and in their professional lives.

Just a few days ago, Gillian shared a series of pics on Instagram of the couple showing off their toned bodies in order to extend an invitation to fans. They will be attending the BET Experience 2018 to talk about wellness, health, and how they make their relationship work with their busy schedules.

Gillian wrote in her caption a lovely message to describe the pics:

“These 4 pics totally represent us.....We laugh together, we act silly together, we go hard together and we got each other’s back...we have a created a life together for us and our children and we both want to be around to enjoy every moment of it, so most of all, we stay #fittogether. Our diet, our workout, our lifestyle...and we want to share that with you!”

White surprised fans and especially his exes with an honest letter he posted on Facebook after getting married to Waters. In the post, he apologized to the women in his life for believing they had to settle for what he had to offer.

“I believed all women were crazy and the only choice a man had was to decide exactly how much crazy he’s willing to deal with to sustain a relationship. It’s crazy to think I, as a man, would ever want to spend every waking moment with a woman, to be all-up-on each other constantly, to talk endlessly about ‘every-damned-thing’ and see each other “every-damned-day!”

His relationship with Waters, he said, proved him wrong. “I simply didn’t love my ex’s in the capacity their spirits knew organically needed to be loved,” he admitted. 

“I can say that I am now the very best version of myself and that’s due entirely to my relationship. My perspective is clear, my goals are defined, distractions are nonexistent, my business and personal relationships are stronger than ever. I don’t feel like “The Man,” anymore. I feel like A MAN,” he concluded.

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