Remember 'Grady' of 'Sanford & Sons'? He has an adult son who is a former state representative

Whitman Mayo had a career of over three decades in the entertainment industry, but he’s remembered for his portrayal of Grady in “Sandford & Sons.” The man had three kids, and one of them became a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Grady Wilson was known for his trademark expression, “Good Googly Moogly!” and even after his death, Mayo is still remembered for his implacable performance as Fred Sanford’s best friend in the ‘70s series and all its short-lived spin-offs.

Whitman married to three different women through his life, but it was with his last wife, Gail Reid, that he had three kids: son Rahn, and daughters Suni and Tanya. The eldest of the family decided to strive away from his father’s career in Hollywood and instead pursued a career in politics.

The 42-years-old handsome man earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University. 

He became an elected Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives in 2009 and served until 2016. He was a member of the Education, Insurance, Legislative and Congressional committees through his run at the House.

When his father was not acting, he was a college professor at Clark Atlanta University instructing a film/theater class and was also a counselor and motivational lecturer. Following his dad’s example, Rahn was pretty interested in helping to build a better education and art programs for kids of all ages in Georgia.

While being on the House of Representatives, Mayo enhanced the quality of high school education through a Youth Development Initiative, which gave students education on life skills and legal rights. 

Last February, he joined the 50th Black History Month Parade in Fontana as the celebrity grand marshal. His father, Whitman Mayo, was actually the first ever celebrity grand marshal in the parade back in 1968.

Whitman died from a heart attack in 2001, but his children still try to keep his legacy alive. Rahn is always sharing memories from his father on social media, and he even promotes the re-runs of “Sandford & Sons” whenever they come on TV.

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