June 19, 2018

Chris Pratt spotted on a date with Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter

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The actor has been spotted out on his first date since he and his ex-wife announced their divorce at the end of last year. 

Christ Pratt and Anna Faris shocked their fans in December 2017 when they announced that they were getting a divorce. Since then, Faris has reportedly started dating cinematographer Michael Barrett. 

For his part, Pratt hasn't been seen out with anyone. That is, until now. 

According to TMZ, Pratt was spotted on a date with Katherine Schwarzenegger, the 28-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. 


The pair enjoyed a picnic date up the California coast in Santa Barbara, on Sunday, June 17. 

The publication reported that the Guardians of the Galaxy actor picked Katherine up at her home, and drove her an hour up the coast for the outing. 


Katherine, while obviously related to Hollywood A-listers, is not actually in the entertainment industry herself. Instead, she makes her living as an interior designer and lifestyle blogger. 


While Faris has been spotted with Barrett in public displays of affection, she openly admitted on a segment of Dax Shepherd's Amrchair Expert that she is certainly rethinking the entire concept of marriage after two divorces. 

“I need to figure out what the purpose is,” she said. “Is it safety for your children? Is it convention? Is it so other people respect your relationship more? For me, I’m just not quite sure where it fits, especially when it feels so easy to get married, and then the untangling — when the state gets involved.”

Pratt and Faris were both disappointed by the end of their relationship, but agreed that their number one priority would be taking care of their 5-year-old son, Jack, going forward. 


Besides the joint statement from the pair in December announcing the sad news, Pratt remained silent on the matter until April 2018. 

On that occasion, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said simply, "divorce sucks."