Baby born severely premature finds a kindred spirit in a tiny kitty

Jun 20, 2018
06:40 A.M.
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Baby Maddox, who was born severely premature weighing just 1lb 60oz, developed a deep friendship with his kitten Donna and the two are now inseparable.


A video shared on YouTube on February 22, 2017, showed the friends in their suburban Atlanta home in Bartow County, Georgia.

The friendship between the baby and his best friend is just adorable. The little boy cannot stop hugging the kitten and the two love to play, cuddle, and nap together. 

Maddox and Donna the cat have developed a strong bond and are inseparable. The description of the video stated that it was a ‘Purr-fect friendship!’ and that the ‘adorable baby boy just can’t stop hugging his kitten.’ 

The boy, who was born severely premature, weighed one-pound six-ounces at the time of his birth and seems to have found ‘a kindred spirit’ in the tiny cat.


The post said that through his one year struggle, ‘he’s decided to grab life by the kitty!’ Maddox and Donna became unlikely friends due to her care for him.

She has also contributed to the boy’s improved health condition.

The two friends were filmed the little boy’s monkey-printed cradle as they watched the original Disney film Pocahontas. He is hugging and nuzzling the cat while is lying in his cradle.


The person filming the video, probably Maddox’s mother, asked him if he liked his kitten and the boy hummed and flashed a huge grin.

The cat seemed to know that her friend was being asked about her, turned her eyes to the camera even as Maddox smiles.

The little boy is tender with his friend and she rests peacefully on his lap. It is clear from the video that the two enjoy each other’s company.

Maddox clearly knows how to handle the little cat in a kind and gentle way.

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