Son films heartbreaking moment mother with dementia forgets who he is

Jun 20, 2018
09:42 A.M.
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The son thought it was a regular day out with his dementia-stricken mother, but he was in for the biggest shock of his life.


45-year-old Joey Daley from Dublin, Ohio documented his mother's struggle with Lewy Body Dementia through a weekly video series.

In the series he uploaded to YouTube, the sixth episode turned out to be one of the most emotionally difficult ones for Daley as his mother, Molly, could not even remember him or their family.

The footage showed Daley asking a series of questions about their family, which she could not answer. The heartbroken son can be seen fighting back his tears.


At the beginning of the video, which chronicles a day in the lives of the mother and son, Molly told Daley that she could not recall her husband, whom she divorced when Daley was only one year old.

Then Daley decided to ask a more difficult question. "So you weren't sure who my dad was. Do you know who my mom is?"

To this, Molly replied, "No, I guess I don't know. Who is that?"


Daley realized that his mother did not remember him to be her child. So he reiterated his question by providing his own identity first, "I'm Joey. Who's my mom?" But the dementia patient yet again replied that she did not have the answer to that.

When Daley tried to refresh her memory by asking questions about how they came to meet each other, Molly became confused and began suggesting that they might have met at school.


Daley then told her that he was her son and asked her if he looked familiar. But Molly seemed only more confused.

At a point in the video, however, Molly did regain her memory as she was seen reaching out and touching Daley's arm to say that she loved him.

Toward the end of the footage, the despaired son sobbed on camera and stated that it was a day that he could never forget.