Why Sandra Bullock refuses to do sex scenes in movies

Jun 20, 2018
05:51 P.M.
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The actress has over 50 acting credits to her name, there is not one among those that features her in a sex scene, and there never will be. 


Sandra Bullock has opened up about her decision not to film sex scenes, and it is even rumored there is a clause in all her contract stating her refusal to appear in any. 

Speaking to The Sunday Times, she explained that she simply has no interest in knowing what her "best angles" in the bedroom are.

“I’m not the kind of person who says, ‘I’m gonna tape myself having sexual intercourse cos I’m gonna look good!'” she said. “I don’t want to know what my best angles are. Don’t wanna see it. Don’t want to hear it. Therefore, I’m not going to do it on film.”


The closest she has ever come - and likely the closest she will ever come - was in 2009 during the filming of The Proposal opposite Ryan Reynolds. In that role, she appeared almost completely nude in one scene. 

Bullock is currently promoting her role in all-female heist film Ocean's 8, and confessed that her preferance of non-conventional roles has meant her career has included many fights. Despite this, she credits her comedy for her success. 

“I was always saying, ‘Can it not be the typical narrative of the girl getting the guy? If there is a romantic scene, can it be funny?'” she recalled. “Comedy has always been my deflector. It’s how I’ve survived. It’s safe, because I set the tone.” 


But while she has had an incredibly successful career, she did share that there was one incident early on in her career that made her so uncomfortable that she actually asked to be fired from the role. 

While Bullock has never openly shared which film it was on, she did admit that it was a person in a role of power on the movie. At first, she tried to deflect the advances with humor, but the situation continued and became near unbearable. 

It was after that incident that Bullock vowed never to do anything in her work that could be construed as even remotely sexual.