Pregnant horse has given birth to beautiful twins in a rare occurrence

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 29, 2018
10:37 A.M.
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An exceptional birth in California has been deemed a 'miracle'


Shari Burns was expecting her heavily pregnant mare Emma to drop a foal but what happened at the birth astounded her. The breeder and stable master had assisted in over 950 births, but this was a first for her.

Burns, of Wilton, California, noticed Emma starting to pace around the stall, a clear sign that the mare would be going into labor soon. Emma starting 'calling' which Burns deemed unusual, reported Fox5.

Emma was not a first-time mother and had given birth twice before. The first sign that all was not going according to plan came when Burns spotted a “red bag.” Emma’s placenta had detached prematurely, which would reduce the oxygen to the foal and place it in danger.


Burns set to work and eased Emma’s tiny foal out into the world safely. It was a lovely healthy filly. Burns relaxed and was about to call it a day when she saw a second placenta with a tiny hoof protruding from the mare's birth canal

Burns resumed the emergency delivery and guided a second baby horse into the world. This time, it was a lovely colt.


Horses very rarely give birth to twins, and according to the UC Davis Center for Equine Health, most mares are not able to give birth to two foals, as they can get so big that the mother becomes unable to carry them to full term.

Twin equine pregnancies frequently end in miscarriages at the final stages of gestation,  or if they go to term, result in the death of one, or both foals.

Source: Free Piks

Emma was very lucky, and both of her foals are healthy and were born without complications.

Burns named them Will and Grace, and not for the characters in the sitcom Will and Grace. The foals were named Will for the will to live; and Grace because Burns believes the fill bwas saved by the grace of God."