Jim Jones revisits mother's burned-down home in new music video

Claudine Varela
Jun 25, 2018
06:42 A.M.
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Jim Jones has just released his latest music video which relives the tragedy that befell his mother's home on Christmas day last year. He also reveals why this song is his most personal in his first album after seven years. 


He made a surprising comeback in April with his first studio album after seven years. And just last week, Jim Jones released his latest video for the track ‘Epitome’, showcasing his return to his mother’s home which was tragically burned down last year. 

Stemming from his album 'Wasted Talent', the new video which premiered on Billboard on June 21 has Jones taking a trip down memory lane to Christmas morning last year when his mother’s home was ablaze and firefighters tried to salvage what was left of it. 


"The best gift of all is my family is together and everyone is safe. You just have to count your blessings," the ‘Love & Hip Hop star says.

Describing his song for the video which he co-produced, Jones said it was one of his most personal in the album. 

“It talks about my hiatus and them trying to blackball me."


The 41-year-old added, 

"My mom's house burned to the ground on Christmas. So the video is a direct reflection of what I've been going through night and day, but somehow I find the strength to keep it moving." 


Despite the tragedy that happened, Jones has always looked at the brighter side. In fact, the day after the house burned, he shared footages from the scene thankful that his family was spared.

“Today I was blessed wit [the] greatest Christmas gift in my life thus far and tht is my family gettin out of th house safe sound n wit out injuriesWe can always buy new houses new cars new [everything] but we can’t buy a new familyOn [the] flip side watchin my momma house burn touch my soul in ways I couldn’t imagineI wasn’t raised wit my mother but my son was and his whole life of memories gone in a flashIf u know me then u know I’m gonna buy my family [the] biggest house I can afford and fill it wit more loveThe devil is always workin but so is my God I got faithMerry Christmas"


The house was very special to Jones who purchased it for his mother the moment he came into money. But as he said, it’s just a house and he could buy a bigger one to replace it. What’s important is his family is safe and filled with love, a feeling of home no amount of money can buy.