Linda Hamilton, 61, is back as Sarah Connor in 'Terminator 6'

Jun 25, 2018
04:14 P.M.
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The actress has joined the cast of the latest installment of the films after appearing in the second one, and was spotted on set in character. 


Linda Hamilton starred as the original Sarah Connor in the Terminator movies in the 1980's. These days, she's in her 60's, but has decided she's still up for taking on the cyborgs. 

Hamilton is appearing in Terminator 6, which is currently filming and set to be released to cinemas in November 2019. 

She was recently spotted on set for the first time, and looks every bit as fit and feisty as she did in her late 20's. 

The 61-year-old actress was dressed in a bullet-proof vest, a pair of dark aviator sunglasses, and holding a formidable looking gun. 


Under her vest she wore a dark grey t-shirt, and a pair of cargo trousers. Hamilton completed the look with a pair of black combat boots, and a chunky military style watch. She wore minimal makeup, and left her short gray locks combed back. 

The actress appeared to be relaxed and happy on the set, and was later spotted taking a smoke break on a balcony. 


She has clearly been hitting the gym, because not only was she cutting a slim figure, but she also looked very toned and strong in her Sarah Connor outfit. 

Hamilton appeared in the original Terminator film back in 1984, and the sequel in 1991, Terminator 2: Judgment day. She also provided her voice for the 2009 film Terminator Salvation


Another original cast member who is also appearing in this sixth installment is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Newcomers Mackenzie Davis, Diego Boneta, Gabriel Luna, and Natalia Reyes have been welcomed to the film set. 

Deadpool's Tim Miller is directing the new film. The original film was directed by James Cameron, who Hamilton was later married to from 1997 until 1999. Cameron is a producer on the reboot. 

The film features Davis as an assassin, and the young actress has also buffed up for the movie. Her character will travel back in time to the setting of the film. 

Luna is playing the new terminator. 

Cameron has made sure not to leak any plot details as the cast and crew goes about filming.