Man admits to skinning over 1,000 cats and selling their meat for samosas

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 26, 2018
10:41 A.M.
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A 34-year-old man from Nakuru in Kenya claims to have made more than half a million Kenyan shillings by killing cats and selling the meat.


James Mukangi was arrested last week when it came to light that he was selling the meat to samosa vendors. Mukangi confessed to killing more than 1,000 cats. 

One American dollar is 101 Kenyan shillings, and it is estimated that Mukangi made more than $4900 in his business venture. As reported by The Star in Kenya, he had a dedicated client base. 

He told authorities that there is a "high demand for cat meat," but he couldn't provide what was required due to a shortage of cats in his neighborhood. 


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"I have ready clients who I have been selling the cat meat to for close to eight years. [...] It was hard when I started the business, but my clientele has grown."

James Mukangi, The Star, June 25, 2018.

He was arrested after authorities caught him in a field in the process of skinning a cat. Some residents were shocked when the news made headlines.


Others could see his reasoning and said he was doing what he could to survive as poverty affects everybody in the community. 

Mukangi said he sold each cat for approximately 500 Kenyan shillings. While that price seems steep for cat meat, it is assumed that he sold the cat fur as well. 


According to Daily Nation, cat meat is unfit for human consumption. The outlet quoted Dr. Githui Kaba, a veterinary officer, as saying it goes against the Meat Control Act. 

Standard Media reported that Mukangi was transferred to the Nakuru Central Police Station and will be indicted.