Expert reveals what he believes to be the real cause of Johnny Cash's death

Jun 26, 2018
09:53 P.M.
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A pathologist revealed how the country musician, Johnny Cash, actually died of heartburn, although there were several other contributors.


As reported by Express, Dr. Michael Hunter examined Johnny Cash's medical records from childhood to his death in September 2003 on the TV documentary series 'Autopsy: The Last Hours of...'  

Hunter revealed that although Cash's reckless drug abuse, out-of-control diabetes, and smoking since the age of 10 were critical contributing factors, his death was most likely caused by heartburn. 

Hunter found a long history of the country musician's heart problems, including a double bypass operation, and regular occurrences of pneumonia, possibly triggered by the air he inhaled on the Dust Bowl Farm he grew up in Arkansas. 


Dr.Hunter was convinced that an extreme case of acid reflux or heartburn caused his death, 15 years ago. Dr.Hunter found out that Cash took almost 30 prescription drugs in a day, right until he died.


Cash's friends also confirmed that he barely slept unless he was sitting upright. Read more about Johnny Cash on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Dr. Hunter claimed that it was a case of polypharmacy, wherein a patient consumes so many drugs in a day that it increased the risk of fatal interaction between them. He said that too many medications could prove poisonous and toxic.


The nerve damage caused by Cash's diabetes was severely affecting his stomach's ability to regulate the amount of gastric acid being produced.

Over time, the acid built up in his stomach and eventually ejected into his esophagus and then his trachea. This resulted in the acid seeping into his lungs and throat and caused irreversible damage.


Dr. Hunter dismisses all notions that Cash could have possibly died of a broken heart four months after the demise of his wife of 35 years. Dr. Hunter added that Cash was a fighter in life.

The singer was married to June Carter Cash for 35 years before she suddenly passed away in 2003, as reported by Radar Online. The show aired the Johnny Cash episode in the US on June 24 and is slated to air in the UK later this year.