7-month-old baby died after being found in a hot car

With the temperature hovering at 90 degrees, a baby left inside a car succumbed to hyperthermia.

A neighbor tried to resuscitate the seven-month-old baby boy, but it was too late, as reported by Action News Jax.

The incident happened in Camden County in the afternoon of June 19, 2018.

According to the neighbor who administered CPR to the infant, he saw a woman lying on the ground and crying for help while holding the baby in her arms. The baby was wrapped in a blanket.

"She was screaming. She was just saying, 'Save my baby, save my baby,'" Action News Jax quoted him as saying. He declined to be identified for the news report because he's in the military.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The Kingsland Police Department later issued a statement saying that no one had been taken into custody for the infant's death.

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The police were called to the Quality Inn in Kingsland after receiving a report about an infant who was not breathing after being left in a hot car.

Temperatures in Camden County at the time reached around 90 degrees. In such temperature, the heat inside a car can reach over 100 degrees in just a few minutes. In 30 minutes, the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 125 degrees, enough to cause a stroke.

The baby was so hot and was bleeding at the nose when he was taken out of the car.

"We are attempting to handle the investigation with the utmost sensitivity and care out of respect for the family as possible to ensure the integrity of our investigation," the police department said in an official statement.

"Dealing with an infant death is hard enough for a family to deal with without added stress from publicity," it added.

The police department, nonetheless, assured that its investigators were seriously looking into the incident to get accurate facts before publicly releasing information.

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