'My 600-lb Life' star Diana Bunch loses more than 265 pounds and looks unrecognizable

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 29, 2018
09:55 A.M.
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You couldn’t tell the woman in the photo is Diana Bunch, who appeared in My 600-lb Life, following her surgery. She looks completely different after losing 265 pounds.


56-year-old Bunch looks healthier and skinnier, as she has been inspiring others who are going through the same struggles she did with her uplifting life updates.

After her appearance on the TLC series, In Touch Weekly reported about Bunch and how she has been doing since.

Back on the show, viewers had their eyes glued on their screens as they watched Bunch’s journey on overcoming obesity and other health issues.

In the past, she suffered from food addiction that only became worse as the years went by. Read more about Bunch’s struggle on our Twitter page. Follow us at AmoMama USA


Because of her outrageous obesity, Bunch became no stranger to painful blisters, open sores on her body, as well as having acute lymphedema, which made her legs swell.

As the show progressed, it was revealed that Bunch went through horrible things as a child. Her physical illnesses may have been just the aftermath of what she went through years ago.

When she was only eleven years old, she was molested by two high school boys. At the time, she was only weighing 115 pounds and was already having a struggled relationship with food.

Since her mother was very strict, she was never allowed to resort to food for comfort. Her mother enforced upon her a strict diet and made her follow specific eating habits.


Because of the mental, physical, and emotional trauma from the assault, Bunch had trouble growing up as a normal girl. Every day, she struggled with guilt, shame, and having a low self-esteem on top of those things.

The thought of having no one but herself also affected her badly. She struggled with the feeling of loneliness since she only had herself at the end of the day.

The moment Bunch moved out of her mother’s home, she felt the freedom to eat whatever she wanted. It wasn’t long before she developed her food addiction. It became an uncontrollable habit which made her gain weight.

Eventually, she became obese and it cost Bunch her job at the Air Force.


Years of dealing with her situation went by and it became clear that her life was at risk. She needed to do something if she wanted to live longer


She finally decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. The procedure was a success. She lost 70 percent of her stomach, shedding off a total of 265 pounds.

At present, Bunch became more appreciative of life. She has been taking good care of her body and living a much healthier lifestyle.

Bunch has a newer and more positive outlook towards life now compared to before.

With all the great things happening in her life, Bunch felt the need to share her story to inspire others who are going through the same struggles she went through.

She keeps herself active on social media and continues to uplift many people with her words.