Comfortable tiny camper can be towed by almost any car

Jun 28, 2018
12:34 A.M.
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The Meerkat, a new lightweight camper launched by San-Diego’s Little Guy Trailers presents a compact yet comfortable experience for those who love camping.


Camping is a popular way of spending time in the lap of nature. However, one might begin to miss the many comforts we have in our homes.

With an attempt to address this problem, the company Little Guy Trailers in San Diego have designed and launched MeerKat, a mini-camper that is practical, lightweight, and comfortable.

Named after the species of the African desert, the camper is small enough to be towed by a car but contains surprisingly detailed features on the inside.

According to the official website of the company, the MeerKat is furnished with a modular seating area that can be customized as per the user’s taste. 


The versatile furnishings can be used for purposes like storage and seating or can be rearranged to spread out as a bed that is large enough for five people to sleep in.

The mini-camper is equipped with multiple electrical points and also fitted with LED lights. For optimal ventilation and cooling, the user benefits from the option of a fan and an air conditioner.


The kitchenette is complete with a sink and an icebox that makes the storage of food and beverages convenient, enabling campers to enjoy fresh meals on-the-go.


Little Guy Trailers also shared that the travel trailer is similar to meerkats, who travel in groups and stand tall, just like occupants of the vehicle can do with the help of its pop-up roof.


The miniature house-on-wheels also has additional drawers and cabinets for storage along with a compact hanging closet. Read more about the MeerKat on our Twitter account @amomama_usa. 


Despite being packed with home-like features, the MeerKat weighs 900 pounds and is inbuilt with four cylinders, making it easy for owners to tow it with their cars. 

The MeerKat has a unique look inspired from retro-styled caravans and campers. The company offers the trailer in a variety of colors and also offer the service of painting it to match the owner’s car for an extra fee.

With multiple features that make it a home away from home, the MeerKat is available at the starting price of $17,820.