July 02, 2018

Teen steals the show at 'Voice Kids' audition with rendition of Whitney Houston's iconic song

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The Voice Kids contestant Selenay Dagdelen brought down the house with her powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

In 2016, Dagdelen, then 14, stepped onto the famous The Voice Kids stage in the Netherlands during the blind auditions.

The young girl chose to perform I Will Always Love You by the legendary singer Whitney Houston.

The judges wondered whether Dagdelen would be able to live up to the expectations of this incredible song. But she showed her true mettle within a few minutes.

After belting out a few lines, her angelic voice was more than enough to give everyone in the crowd significant goosebumps. She immediately made all three judges, Borsato, Ilse, and Ali B, turned their chairs.



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Dagdelen brought everyone to tears - the judges and the audience. She also received a standing ovation at the end of her auditon.

The judges competed to get the young girl on their team. She ended up on Team Bosco, according to the show's website.

Dagdelen made it all the way to the finale of the fifth season. Unfortunately, she missed the winning spot.

However, the aspiring singer didn't let that stop her. She is using her fame to make waves in the music world.



With her incredible performance of Houston’s classic hit I Will Always Love You, we’re sure this is not the last we’ve seen of this talented young girl from the Netherlands.

The song, I Will Always Love You, was originally written and made a hit by Dolly Parton. Houston made the tune popular again on the soundtrack of her blockbuster film, The Bodyguard.


In an interview with CMT, Parton revealed that Kevin Costner, an American actor, director, producer, and musician, first approached her about the song.

She said: “Kevin Costner and his secretary are the ones that loved the song."

“They had another song that was going to go in that place, and someone had recorded the song they were going to use. They were just in a panic at the last minute. And so they asked me about the song. I sent it. I didn’t hear anything more," Parton added.