Woman charged with first-degree animal neglect after 60 animals were seized from her home

Cheryl Kahla
Jun 29, 2018
08:17 A.M.
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A Portland resident was arrested after authorities rescued neglected animals from her home. Some of the animals were tied to her furniture while others were living in cages. 


Elicia Diaz-Caceres was charged with first-degree animal neglect one day after she was taken into custody earlier this week. She pleaded not guilty and awaits sentencing, KPTV reported. 

A concerned neighbor notified authorities of the horrendous conditions the animals were kept in back in March, and they were shocked to find more than 50 animals tied up or locked in cages. 

A warrant for her arrest was issued after neglected and malnourished cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and a turtle were taken from her apartment.


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KOIN6 reported that Multnomah County Animal Services rescued a total of 60 animals. They weren't fed regularly and had to endure 'unsanitary and crowded conditions.'

This is not Diaz-Caceres' first run-in with the law, and her file dates back sixteen years. Neighbors, who preferred to remain anonymous, said it had been an ongoing battle. 


Eight years ago, during another investigation, Diaz-Caceres was ordered not to purchase or own any more animals, but it 3was found that she had failed to comply 'on nine separate occasions.'

According to WRAL, her neighbors would report Diaz-Caceres whenever she brought more animals home and added that she claimed to love her animals. 

The case is still pending, and the animals were sent to rescue facilities and volunteer foster homes while authorities wait to determine their fate. 

At the time of writing, the animals weren't up for adoption and will remain in the care of shelters and foster homes until a verdict has been reached. 

Diaz-Caceres has since been released from custody, on condition that she attend upcoming hearings and court appearances. None of the animals remained in her care.