Bizarre and terrifying home invasion sparks fear in Seattle neighborhood

Jun 30, 2018
08:33 A.M.
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A neighborhood in Seattle is enveloped in fear as a strange man entered three homes in the middle of the night.


The Seattle police had been busy searching for the man who was able to enter three homes while the homeowners were inside the premises.

One of the victims, who wish to remain unnamed, shared her story to Q13 FOX.

She admitted that since the incident, she has been having trouble sleeping at night.

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The woman recalled that she woke up on June 25th around 2:30 a.m. and found a man inside her bedroom.

She said the man was on all fours and was staring at her. She immediately screamed and the man jumped on her bed.


The woman said she thought the attacker was going to harass her sexually.

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He went on to cover her mouth and held her neck.

The victim continued to say the man “licked my face and (was) kissing me and telling me that he needs love, too. From there, I screamed again and that’s when he put a rag in my mouth to shut me up.”

Soon enough, the victim was able to let out another scream which brought her mother out of her slumber. The mother rushed into the victim’s bedroom which alarmed the attacker.

The man sat on the edge of the victim’s bed and apologized for what he did. He said people made him do those horrible things.


According to the victim, the man was African-American and around his 20’s. She said he was probably around 6’2”, have broad shoulders, and weighed at least 220 pounds.

The man voluntarily left the house after the victim gave him a couple of hundred dollars.

When neighbors learned about the incident, they have been trapped in constant fear that they might be attacked next.

A resident of the neighborhood for eight years named Joan Willemain said, “The concerning thing is this level of violence I hadn’t seen before.”

At present, the Seattle Police Department have increased their patrols around the neighborhood and are continuing their search for the attacker.

As for the public, the police encouraged them to lock their doors and windows at night.