Boy with autism reveals amazing voice as he bursts into song in supermarket

Calum Courtney wowed shoppers - and later, the world - when he belted out Smokey Robinson's Who's Lovin You at a grocery store.

The 10-year-old boy doesn't let his autism stop him from showing off his incredible talent, which was on full display in the viral YouTube video shared by SWNS TV.

Calum was in the grocery store ASDA for a fundraising activity when he caught everyone's attention with his fantastic voice.

Unknown to the spectators, Calum has been diagnosed with autism

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"Calum has high functioning autism - for him this means blurred social boundaries, struggles with school and difficulties with friendships, but also that enables him to have no fear to get up and belt out a song," his mother, Tupney Courtney, told the Daily Mail.

Calum has been fairly used to perfoming. He once shared the stage with Emile Sande and JP Cooper at the NSPCC Winter Charity Ball during a fund-raising concert for the National Autistic Society.

He is determined to reach his dreams. He has tried his luck at the popular singing competition show, The Voice, but he got rejected. Still, he is not stopping until he reaches his dreams.

"We describe his autism to him as a superpower, it may take a little from other areas of life, but it's given him the superpower of music," his mother said in the Daily Mail interview.

When he learned that his performance at ASDA has gone viral and earned him admiration from thousands, Calum was overjoyed.

"Calum has been screaming into pillows and running around the house shouting with his little brother in excitement, he cannot believe how much people enjoy his singing," his mother said.

When he watched the video, Calum also praised himself, saying he never thought he could sing so well.

Singing runs in his family. His grandparents used to perform on the West End, a popular mainstream theatre for professional.

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