Tia Mowry melts heart with recent picture of newborn daughter and husband Cory Hardrict

Apart from being responsible for his newborn daughter’s unique name, Cory Hardrict has showcases his special role in his little girl’s life in an adorable photo his wife Tia Mowry recently shared. 

Following Tia Mowry’s big reveal of her brand new daughter’s face and name, she’s been sharing precious photos of the little girl ever since. One of her latest snaps features her husband Cory Hardrict watching over their sleeping child who lies comfortably on his lap. 

“Tiny Tot and Dadda”, Tia captioned, and it was enough to get the comments going. The sweet photo taken from their family home spoke volumes of the kind of father Cory is. Many also noticed how much the two-time father looked like his daughter pronouncing them as “twins” in their comments. 

“She resembles Cory completely!”

“Awwwww twins!”

"omg he looks like dad, who is such a wonderful and under rated actor."

“I believe he’s got this Dad thing mastered!”

“They are twins!!!"

Since giving birth in May, it took a while for Tia to reveal her daughter’s face and name. But when she finally did on social media on June 29, fans loved it. She revealed her name to be Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. 

Cairo registered beautifully in the clip her mother made to present her to the world. She was wearing a white dress with a red cardigan and a cute silver-bowed headband. She lay patiently in the arms of her mother and watched her intently while the television star explained her name to her followers. 

“This is baby Cairo Tiahna Hardrict. It basically means victorious.

“Tiahna is spelled T-I-A-H-N-A so it has ‘Tia’ in there.”

The 39-year-old disclosed it was her husband who named their daughter since he also named their eldest son Cree. As for what inspired Cairo’s unique name, she said, 

"My husband was in the air, flying. He always feels like he's closer to his mother when he's up in the air. He said when he was flying, he saw the letters A, I, R, in the sky. He said he wanted the baby's name to have those letters. Tiahna is spelled T-I-A-H-N-A so it has Tia in there. Tiahna actually means follower of Christ. Also, Tiahna is one of the first African princesses so she's our little princess here!"

It’s probably no coincidence that both their children’s names start with the letter C. Now they both share the initials of the man who named them. 

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