Malcolm-Jamal Warner shares new photos of his little daughter while still hiding her mother

Actor and producer Malcolm-Jamal Warner is a proud father and he lets all his fans and followers know it by sharing several photos of his daughter on Instagram.

One of the most recent slideshows Malcolm posted portrayed him holding the baby in different poses. Both of them were wearing matching grey shirts. The one Malcolm got on read: ’So there's this girl. She kinda stole my heart. She calls me Daddy.’

The most relevant aspect of the photos was that the girl’s face was never shown as Malcolm was always holding her out of the camera’s reach. To make sure that it was difficult to identify her, all photos were very blurry.

In the caption, Malcolm copied the same message of his shirt and added that sometimes, his daughter’s mother calls him ‘daddy,’ as well.

The actor later revealed that the bouquet shown in the fourth image of the slideshow was a gift from his mother. That photo showed a flower arrangement behind a couple of books and a card.

Malcolm’s post was share on Father’s Day, so he made sure to wish a happy day to all fathers and to those mothers who take the role of the father, too.

While many people would be surprised by the fact that Malcolm opted for not showing his daughter’s face in the photos of his slideshow, it is not the first time he does something similar.

Not even one photo that the actor has posted portraying his daughter on his Instagram account shows the baby’s face. It is just like if the camera was positioned too low or the girl was placed too high.

However, they are not accidental takes as Malcolm has done his best to keep away from the spotlight as many aspects of his life as possible. Neither the name of the baby nor the mother has been revealed yet.

According to Black Doctor, the mother is allegedly an attorney from Bridgeport, Connecticut, and she and Malcolm are ‘very much in love.’

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