Marlon Wayans warms hearts with pic of his 'exceptional' mom along with a loving message

Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans took to Instagram to share a photo of his mother Elvira Alethia as a way to honor her on Mother’s Day.

In the photo, the actor best known for White Chicks and Little Man was wearing a white and red shirt while smiling at the camera next to his mother. Elvira opted for a green blouse and black sunglasses.

Even though the photo attracted a lot of people’s attention, the warm message Marlon shared was the principal highlight of his post. In it, he started wishing a happy Mother’s Day to Elvira: ‘the Queen of Queens, mothers of all mothers, and heart of all hearts.'

Marlon added that Elvira was exceptional as she gave her 10 children all her years, lessons, and love. Apart from that, he pointed out that she managed to make all of them feel like her baby.

The actor revealed that he appreciated every single lesson Elvira ever gave him as he heard every talk, warning, and whisper. Marlon thanked his mother for her sacrifice and for being a ‘fearless lioness’ who taught her 10 children to dream, survive, and love.

He stated that people often blame their parents for who they were and that it wasn’t fair as parents do the best they can with the resources they have, so the best thing to do would be ‘appreciate and respect’ what they did or didn’t do.

Marlon added that he had the obligation to God to give back to Elvira all the things he received from her. The actor said he would do anything for her smile as it completes his existence.

As soon as Marlon posted that image, his fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them was Instagram user @afnanoz, who confessed that the actor’s words were so emotional that they drove them to tears. The user finally said that Marlon had an amazing mother.

Another Instagram user who chimed in was Nisey Ball, who pointed out that Marlon knew how to write a proper tribute to his mother. Ball finished by saying that his message to his mother and his siblings was ‘heartwarming.’

As Celebritist previously reported, not only Elvira is a homemaker and social worker, but also the matriarch of the Wayans dynasty, one of the most talented families in Hollywood regarding comic entertainment. Elvira and her husband Howell Stouten Wayans raised their 10 children in the housing projects of New York City.

Given the fact that they were strict Jehovah Witnesses, they didn’t let their children play with other kids in the neighborhood. As a result, all 10 children spent a lot of time with each other, always finding new ways to make every member of their family laugh.

However, they couldn’t have imagined that years later, that ability would take most of them down the path of the entertainment industry. The most relevant ones are Marlon, Shawn, Kim, Keenan, and Damon.

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