Marlon Wayans shared photo of his 'exceptional' mom along with a loving message

Ksenia Novikova
Jun 05, 2018
07:41 A.M.
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The Wayans family is one of the biggest assemblies of entertainers in Hollywood, and their mother couldn’t be proud of everything her kids have achieved in their lives. Marlon Wayans, an actor, and comedian, melted hearts on Mother’s Day as he shared a heartfelt message to the matriarch of the family.


Celebritist was lurking around Marlon Wayans’ Instagram account when we stumbled with a beautiful photo he shared alongside his stunning mother, and his words for her were so touching that fans showered him with praises for being such a great and considerate son.

Elvira Alethia is a homemaker and social worker, but she’s also the matriarch of the Wayans dynasty, a family formed by ten kids of whom Marlon is the youngest. She raised her kids in the housing projects of New York City, alongside Howell Stouten Wayans, and since both of them were strict Jehovah Witnesses, they didn’t let the kids play with other people in the neighborhood


That was the beginning of the development of their kids’ talents since they had to come up with new ways to amuse each other, and comedy came naturally to them. However, they couldn’t have imagined that years later, that ability will take most of them down the path of the entertainment industry.


Marlon and his brothers and sisters are grateful for their upbringing, and that’s why the actor took the chance to thank his mom publicly on Mother’s Day for everything she has done for him, as he wrote:

“Ma, what can i say? You’re just exceptional. To have 10 children and give us all your years, all your lessons, all your love and some how at some point make us all feel like “your baby” is incredible. I appreciate every lesson you’ve ever given me. I hear every talk, every warning, every whisper. I carry your close in my heart and this way your always in my ear.”


And added:

“Thank you for all of your sacrifice for all of us. Thank u for being a fearless lioness that taught us to dream, taught us to survive, taught us to love (…) I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I adore you Ma. And as long as you live i will never flinch a second when it comes to your well being or your smile. For all you and Pop gave i owe it to God to give back to you and to be the best father, son and human being i can be at every moment. I live life with a smile, your smile and that completes my existence.”


Marlon also mentioned that a boy’s first love is his mother and that even in another lifetime he would choose her without a doubt.

Mrs. Alethia surely raised his kids with love and respect for Marlon to have such sweet words about her, and we’re glad to know that this lady can count with such a loving and caring child in her wonderful life.

What do you think about Marlon’s amazing words for his mother?