Trump plants kiss on stunned bride after crashing strangers' wedding again

President Donald Trump arrived unannounced at a wedding ceremony at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster on Friday and kissed the bride. 

TMZ shared a video of the strange incident, showing the 45th President of the United States wishing the young couple, Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz all the best for the future. 

According to the media outlet, Trump spent a few minutes with the guests to pose for photos before telling the crowd to take care while they applauded. 

He told them to look after the young couple, and a woman can be heard shouting from the crowd that 'they' love the President. For more news, follow our Twitter page, at AmoMama USA.

Netizens weren't that impressed with the President and his ways. They took to Twitter to express their outrage, while some of his followers showed up to defend his actions. 

One Twitter user, known only as Nyc_oz, simply said 'sick!' while Pearl said it would be funny if the bride 'turns around and sues him for sexual harassment.' 

Winston Smith hoped that the President didn't give her herpes, and Marcos said he is 'tired of this man,' while another pointed out that he shook the groom's hands as well. 

An unknown supporter who claims to be a lifelong member of the NRA remarked: 'the kiss took all but one second and it was a kiss on the cheek.' 

As reported by Daily Mail, this is the fourth time Trump arrived at a wedding unannounced. The most recent visit before Friday was back in October when he crashed Josh Meuller's ceremony. 

Four months before that he signed 'Make America Great Again' hats at another ceremony at the golf course, and again in August. 

He regularly flies out to the golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, for weekend getaways and the outlet reported that Trump and Melania returned to Washington on Sunday. 

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