'What’s Happening!!'s Dwayne is now married to royalty but almost married Debbi Morgan once

The actor is best known for his role in the 1970's series What's Happening!, and later for joining the cast of the series sequel, What's Happening Now!! in the 1980's.

Haywood Nelson left his mark on television by giving life to Dwayne Nelson in the series, but he later confessed that he had had a crush on two of his co-stars from the show and almost married another.

These days Nelson keeps a low profile out of the limelight, but back in the day when he became famous, he and his co-stars were considered a sensation and were wanted on every talk show and in every magazine.

At the time, there was no such thing as the internet or social media, so they managed to keep their private life away from the cameras muchmore easily than celebrities today.  

Now, Nelson has spoken up about some of the personal matters that happened behind the scenes of the hit show, even sharing that the thing he misses most about being on set is the way they all loved one another. 

"The original producers really trusted us and allowed us to be free so it felt more like a high school drama class in high school than a television network show," he told Essence magazine in 2011. 

Years after the show that made him famous ended, Nelson opened up about his love life and some infatuations he had while filming the show, and it may come as a surprise to find out that he almost married an actress that had a role in What’s Happening! 

The now 58-year-old also confessed his crush on co-stars Danielle Spencer, who played Dee Thomas on the series, and Shirley Hemphill, played Shirley Wilson. 

“I had a big crush on Dee. She is the bomb and if it weren’t for our age difference it would be very dangerous and tempting waters," he explained." Dee was sharp and was a smart young girl. She could tell adults off and get away with it. I also had a crush on Shirley. I love her wit. I love people who are fearless and I’m a spiritual guy so I connect with people spiritually.” 

The actor turned producer also revealed that he was an item with Debbie Morgan, better known for her role in the series All My Children. He was too young and reckless and that ruined their relationship, something that caused him great remorse.

“Now, Debbie Morgan, who appeared on the show, and I used to date. It was my fault, I blew it. It didn’t work out because I was too young, with a Porsche and was interested in driving around and taking road trips with my boys when she wanted time. If I had my head on right I would have married her.” 

Both stars moved on with their lives, and now Haywood is married to a member of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and Dubai, a woman named Khnadya Skye.

She is listed as his attorney on many sites and also has an Oil/Petroleum Technology Corporation, SKYEWOOD, at which Haywood has been working as a consultant in the last years. 

They married in 2014, and since then, the former actor has been living life away from the spotlight. 

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