Firefighters step in after spotting local kids struggling to fill plastic pool

Firefighters did not hesitate in stopping to help a family celebrate a little boy’s birthday on a sweltering day in mid-June while on their way after a medical call.

The Charlotte Fire Station 18 in North Carolina, took to Facebook to share the photos from their unique assignment on June 25, 2018.

It was almost 100 degrees, and the children looked for anything to cool off. They decided to play in their small pool in the front yard.

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Unfortunately, they did not have a hose to fill the water and had to carry it from the kitchen.

The parents joined in to make a sloppy assembly line. Using pots and pans, they transported water from the sink. They did everything they could to celebrate a little boy's birthday.

It was time-consuming and proved to be a fruitless effort. However, the children were saved by their local heroes - the firefighters.

When Charlotte's Fire Station' Engine 18 was leaving a medical call, they spotted the children trying to protect themselves from the scorching heat.

The firefighters jumped in right away because they know they could quickly solve the issue. They pulled the truck and brought out a hose.

The children looked on with delight as the first responders filled up the pool quickly. It did not stop at that. The crew gave the children a much-needed cold shower.

Soon after they reached their station, they took to Facebook to share the sweet photos with the people of the town.

The caption said that Firehouse 18 was 'full of men and women who truly care about the families they swore to protect.'

The revealed that they came across a family trying to fill a pool with pots and pans to celebrate a boy's birthday. 

However, the simple task for the firefighters soon turned into laughter, smiles, and 'a lifelong memory' for the children and the men on Engine 18.

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