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Mom-Of-5 Tries to Fill Kiddie Pool Using a Pot, Firefighters Can't Ignore Her Struggles

Brittany Chalmers
Jun 27, 2022
06:22 P.M.
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A mother wanted to give her child a birthday party he would never forget, but she had limited resources. An unexpected group of people noticed her struggles and helped make the day extra special.


Parents will move heaven and earth to see their kids smile, and often they make immense sacrifices for the sake of their beloved families. Moms and dads can sometimes struggle in making dreams come true, but they have a better chance of doing so when they aren't alone.

Community members often come together to help and encourage their neighbors, and their kindness can make a significant difference — it certainly did for one mom living in Charlotte, North Carolina.



During a sweltering day on the westside of Charlotte, a mom and her children did their best to fill a kiddie pool. The warm weather made it the perfect day for a pool party, but they didn't have a water hose to assist their mission.

The photos shared by the fire station showed scenes that made many people emotional.

The mother was desperate and didn't have many options, so she used what she had at her disposal — cooking pots. The woman carried water from their sink to the pool. She was tired, and the pool wasn't filling up as quickly as she had hoped.


She continued to strain herself, but it was challenging to remain positive. After numerous trips back and forth, something unexpected happened. A group of people driving by her house noticed the mom and her kids.



The Good Samaritans stumbled upon the children by chance — and they couldn't look away. They were firefighters from Firehouse 18 and were known for always putting their community first.

They had taken an oath to serve and protect, and in 2018 their duty included helping make a family's day. The Charlotte Fire station shared the story online and revealed how their noble men and women saved the day. They wrote:

"Today, after leaving a medical call, Engine 18 stumbled across a family desperately trying to fill up a kiddy pool by filling pots from the sink for a little boys birthday on this sweltering day [sic]."



The men on duty enjoyed themselves just as much as the kids. They were proud to serve their community and used their effective equipment to fill the pool in a few seconds, ensuring the birthday boy had an unforgettable party. The caption of the Charlotte Fire Station's Facebook post read:

"What was just a simple task for us turned into laughter, smiles, and a life long memory for the neighborhood kids as well as the men on Engine 18. Proud to serve the WESTSIDE!"

The photos shared by the fire station showed scenes that made many people emotional. The kids were having a blast, splashing in the water with big smiles and joy evident on their faces.


They had a day filled with fun because someone decided to lend a helping hand. The firefighters could've driven past the woman and her children, but they chose to stop and intervene. Their random act of kindness also inspired countless netizens.



Users applauded the team from the Charlotte Fire Station, and one commenter said their deeds were "the best recruitment there is for future firefighters." Another netizen added:

"It's wonderful to read a story about how much these firefighters care even when they're not fighting fires. This may seem like a small little story, but it really isn't."

Someone else commented on the now-viral post and stated that the firefighters' actions gave them a reason to stay optimistic. They noted: "Men and women like you are the reason I still believe there is good in the world."



The Facebook post became a viral sensation and highlighted a growing need. Netizens revealed that they wanted to read similar stories of goodness and kindness. One commenter shared:

"Stories about people doing simple yet wonderful things like this are what we really need to hear more of. Good job, folks."

The story touched hearts, making many emotional and spurring others to step up and help needy people in their communities. A user even offered to help the mother by giving her a hose so she could fill her pool quickly in the future.


The firefighters were undoubtedly worthy of praise, and their actions should encourage us to pay attention to the people around us. We have the power to make someone's day, be it with a smile or a water hose. What do you think about this good deed?

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