Damon Dash's grown-up kids snatch hearts in modeling pics for dad's new clothing line

After releasing his new clothing line, Damon Dash knew there was no one better to advertise his brand than his own children. 

Poppington Clothing has all the best styles to keep you hip and fashionable this summer, but it is also a reflection of Damon Dash's sense of style and personality. Because of this, he knew there would be no one better to advertise his brand but his own children. 

Ava and Damon Dash II flaunted their stuff donning Poppington Clothing's first collection, striking different poses while rocking their dad's designs. One photo posted by the proud dad showed the brother-and-sister duo standing together while clutching arms. Damon II flexed his muscles a little bit, while Ava adorably leaned on her older brother's shoulder. 

While they sported their dad's collection, Damon let his children do their thing as they posed freely. The grown-up children looked extremely comfortable while modeling, clearly getting their charismatic appeal from their father.

Poppington Clothing prides itself of being homegrown and organic, being designed in Downtown Los Angeles. The brand also ensures its customers of having nothing but the highest quality material, according to their website. 

“[Poppington Clothing] was made within our environment – our world – our universe. The DNA of each garment has been established throughout the journey from getting the perfect fit, cutting the pattern, picking out the zippers and etc. – every part of that is an ART to us we enjoy.”

Damon Dash, being an entrepreneur, shared his insights on fashion and advertising during an interview with Hollywood Reporter in 2016, saying:

"What I've been noticing with the millenials is that they'll pay for quality. You can sell something and make your full margin. There's never off-price. I always look at the movie as the best commercial in the world. I also notice that whatever artist has a movie made about them, their merch skyrockets, like Johnny Cash."

You can learn more about the up and coming brand on Poppington Clothing's website. 

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