Sade's transgender son shows off scars on his chest in photo after breast removal surgery

Unlike his mom, Izaak Theo enjoys sharing his life with fans on social media, and ever since he started his transition into a man, he has become a heartthrob and an example for many young people. Even though Sade has never addressed his son’s transition directly, he revealed the singer is a supportive mother.

Izaak Theo surprised the world two years ago when he revealed he would start transitioning from female to male after discovering he didn’t feel right with his identity. Formerly known as Mickailia “Ila” Adu, Sade’s beautiful daughter used to wear lots of makeup and dress in extremely feminine clothes.

The 20-years-old handsome young man started his transition by getting shots of testosterone and cutting his hair, but he made the process a definite one when he got a breast removal surgery a few months ago. He has shared several pics of his scars on Instagram, revealing he couldn’t be happier about his journey and everything he has been through as an out and proud transgender man.

In one of his recent pics, Izaak is lying down so that his scars can be visible while he smiles brightly to the camera. “My scars set me free,” he wrote in his caption, accompanied of several hashtags referring to Pride month.

The boy is currently in the cover of Accent Magazine, an online publication dedicated to shining a light on the diversity and people with unique stories that are not afraid to live outside the “norm.” Izaak is considered one of those people, not only because of his identity switch but also because he didn’t care all the attention he would get for being Sade’s son and pursued his happiness nevertheless.

While the ‘80s singer prefers to keep her life away from the spotlight these days, and she has never addressed her son’s situation publicly, Izaak has made sure to let the world know that he has his family’s love and support.

Last year, Izaak shared a beautiful photo with his mom for her birthday, and he wrote a heartfelt caption that said:

“To my Queen. Words cannot describe how lucky I am to have you in my life and call you Mumma, you are my whole world, and I love you with all my heart, thank you for being you, the most beautiful person inside and out, happy birthday Mumma Shard”

He also made a heartfelt post a few months ago speaking about his struggles as a trans man and giving other people in the trans community a message of encouragement and strength. He wrote:

“I am lucky because I have a family and friends that accept and love me just as I am, who see it isn’t about WHAT I look like on the outside like but WHO I am inside. I know not everybody has that I can’t say I know how it feels not to have support as a trans person, but to those out there whose friends and families may not always accept you for who you are after you’ve told them “this is me,” who continue to refuse to use your correct pronouns (whatever they may be) or call you by YOUR name. Fight for yourself and your identity or walk away.”

Is clear that Izaak is happier than ever after completing his transition. He has the support of his family and even a beautiful girlfriend. He’s also an incredible artist and illustrator, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the world in the future.

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