Lioness noiselessly sneaks up on male lion and gives him the fright of his life (video)

Jul 04, 2018
10:03 A.M.

The video captured a hilarious moment when Shani the lioness played a practical joke on her friend Shangu, an unsuspecting lion.


The mischief of the lioness was captured on video by Sarah Carter at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

A lion is generally called the king of the jungle. However, the lion in the video seemed scared out of his wits when a lioness stealthily sneaked up on him recently at the animal sanctuary. The video shared on YouTube on June 17, 2016, proved the king can sometimes be lost in his thoughts.

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Shungu, the lion, was minding his business and focusing on a lizard crawling up the fence in front of him when Shani the lioness used her excellent pranking skills and inched closer to him from behind.


The result of her prank turns out to be hilarious for Carter. Shangu gives an alarmed reaction when Shani touches him from behind and roars with annoyance at the joke.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


However, this incident is not something that has occurred for the very first time in the sanctuary, according to its founder, Carter. She said, “Shani never misses an opportunity for mischief. This is something she does all the time.”

Carter added that “darling Shungu” was a dreamer who likes to watch birds, butterflies, airplanes, the reflection of the sunlight on water, etc.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


When Shani decided to be a little mischievous, he was “completely transfixed” by a lizard in front of him.Completely aware of Shani's presence and her playful behavior, Carter knew that the lioness would not let go of another opportunity to sneak up on the lion.

As Carter had predicted, the uncontainable Shani saw an easy chance to sneak up on the naïve Shungu and victoriously sprung upon him.


Shungu is, at first, embarrassed and annoyed at Shani's little trick before he suddenly remembers his authority as he is a lion and then roars at Shani to show her that he is the boss.

Carter revealed that the two lions, now aged eight, were rescued when they were two years old. Shungu had always been scared of loud noises and cars.

Seven other lionesses had attacked Shani in her enclosure. However, when she no longer had to compete with other lions and got some open space, she became playful and gained confidence.

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