Child died in tragic accident when bouncing castle she was playing on exploded

She was playing on a bouncy castle at Gorleston beach in Norfolk, United Kingdom when it exploded and killed her.

The young girl, whose name was being withheld, was rushed to the James Paget Hospital but doctors were unable to revive her.

A YouTube video posted by Daily Mail showed the area where the unfortunate incident happened.

The tragedy saw the girl being thrown 20 feet into the air when the bouncy castle exploded.

It was believed that the bouncy castle exploded because of the extreme heat, with temperatures soaring around 23 Celcius. At least, this was what the owner, Curt Johnson, 47, explained.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

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"It is very upsetting," Daily Mail quoted him as saying. "We have been at the beach for a very long time, definitely a number of years and it is the first incident we had had there and it is quite shocking."

The incident took place while the girl was playing on the trampoline in a section called Bounce About. This area has an inflatable slide, traditional trampolines.

On YouTube, netizens expressed their sympathies to the friends and family of the girl.

"This is heartbreaking. That poor little girl. And her family. I couldn't imagine seeing this happen to anyone's child let alone my own," commented Kayleigh Aspin.

Netizens also called for amusement parks to ban bouncy castles because of the risk they pose to children. Some recalled other accidents in the past.

Amethyst H commented on YouTube: "I recall back then I saw in front of me kids falling and it wasn't just few kids but around 30 kids who fell flat to the ground after the bouncy castle deflated fast. Only 3 survived and the rest died. They should eliminate bouncy castles like these ones and just let them play in flat small ones."

Hide Matsumo wrote: "A small died days ago from falling off a bounce castle 4 meters down (one with the stairs), in the Netherlands."

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