Stray mama dog begs for food to bring back to her starving puppies (video)

A dog begged for food and led the generous person to her hungry puppies.

A video posted by The Dodo to YouTube captures the heartbreaking moment when the mother dog goes to great lengths to provide for her children.

The video starts with a person, who is holding the camera, handing a stray female dog a piece of food, which appears to be a grilled chiken leg on a stick.

The dog takes it with her mouth but doesn't eat it. With the food in her mouth, she starts running. She looks behind her to see if the person is following her.

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It is clear that she wants to show the person something. Training the camera on the running dog, the person follows her through the busy streets.

The stray dog, it turns out, is taking the person to an empty yard. There, it is revealed that the mother dog has offsprings she wants to feed with the food the person gave her.

From under a small bridge emerge a number of puppies excited to see what their mother has brought for them.

It appears that the mother dog has been looking for food on dangerous streets so she can feed her children. That she led a kind person to her children also suggests that she may be looking for help to nourish her children.

This dog's mother's instinct is undeniable. Like humans, she would do everything for her children's survival.

The video touched the hearts of many citizens and has gained more than 1.5 million views.

"Man, so touching yet so sad... She's so skinny herself," commented TJ two months ago.

Rimpi Das wrote: "Mom is best gift from god to everyone."

Eric Black was deeply impressed by the dog, writing, "Now that's a good mom by any measure."

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