July 04, 2018

Amazing video shows kayakers rescuing dolphin trapped in seaweed

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The kayakers filmed themselves rescuing a dolphin that had become tangled in seaweed.

In the YouTube video posted in 2015, a dolphin can be seen stuck in shallow waters and seaweed. Then, some kayakers were paddling around nearby to release it back into the ocean.

When a postman saw the dolphin on the Isle of Barra, an island in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, he immediately told Chris Denehy, who owns Clear Water Paddling, about it.

Strapped on a head cam, Chris went to the isolated spot at Northbay.

"There were three juvenile dolphins. One of them was really trapped in the weeds," he told Metro. "He was literally drowning because the weed was pulling him under."


Source: Freepik

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The owner of a kayak trip company believed the dolphins had been departed from their pod. To disentangle the seaweeds, Chris used his paddle and then pushed the dolphin out from the undergrowth.


"He did seem quite distressed and must have been in there a while," he explained.

After the ordeal, the young dolphin appeared to be uninjured and even showed his gratitude with a sassy leap out of the water.

In 2012, a video that shows the moment Brazilian sunbathers rescuing 30 dolphins had also captured the heart of many netizens.


The sunbathers were astonished when they noticed the dozens of dolphins swam into the very shallow water on the beach.

As it turns out, the mammals couldn't swim back out because of the powerful ocean currents. They were moments away from death.


Luckily, the kind-hearted spectators sprang into action as the poor dolphins yelled in high-pitched distress.

In the footage, the beachgoers are seen swimming in the sea. Then, they pulled the dolphins by their tails towards deeper waters.

The onlookers' efforts paid off as it appears all the dolphins made it back to the sea safely.