Mother caused public outrage for trapping toddler son under a plastic stool (video)

This mother has come under fire online after a video of her playing Mahjong has prompted calls of child abuse for the way she chose to control her son. 

A woman in China decided that playing the board game was more important than taking care of her toddler son, so she decided to trap him under the stool she was sitting on to play. 

A video of the boy trapped under the stool and trying to find a way to escape was recorded, and has since gone viral on social media. 

Despite the child's cries and attempts at freedom, his mother doesn't even flinch or look down at her son to ensure he is alright, and she certainly isn't planning on moving for him either. 

Of course, the keyboard warriors came out in full force once the video emerged online, accusing the gambling mother of neglecting her child. 

The boy was trapped under the plastic blue stool on which his mother was sitting, and couldn't wiggle his body free of his constraints through the small gaps in the sides. Eventually he gave up trying to get out

All the while he gestured for help, crying in the hopes of getting his mother's attention. 

According to reports by Legal and Legislation Evening Post, the game is believed to have taken place at an underground mahjong parlour near a school in Hengyang city of Hunan Province.

After police received tips of the gambling ring, they raided the parlor and arrested 12 people on suspicion of illegal gambling activities. But after reviewing the footage of the boy, they don't believe that incident took place in Hengyang. 

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

Police stated that their reason for this belief is that the accent spoken by the people in the video is not that of Hengyang. They have, however, stated that they are continuing to investigate the incident in the hopes of finding the mother. 

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