July 09, 2018

Arctic fox stranded on iceberg miles from shore rescued by brave fishermen

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The fishermen's simple act of kindness had saved the life of an Arctic fox that was stranded on iceberg about 4 miles off the land.

While on a crab-fishing boat off the coast of Labrador, Canada, fishers Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell and Allan Russell noticed an Arctic fox atop a small, mushroom-shaped iceberg. The frightened fox was under attack from surrounding seagulls.

Harrigan told Bored Panda: “It had probably got stuck out there looking for a meal. Cliff says he thinks he got out there to check out a bit of meat on the ice and it broke apart, sending him out to sea.”

The crew immediately decided to help the poor fox. They knew that it was doomed to a painful fate.



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The rescuers then pulled their boat beside the iceberg. Luckily, they managed to coax the fox aboard.

“He was trying to run away from us at first we had a really hard time getting him aboard,” Mallory said. “We had to break the ice he was on and get him with the dipnet. He fought and fought to get away until he literally couldn’t move anymore.”


The kind-hearted individuals made a makeshift bed for the weak creature. Then they started to nurse him back to health.

“We scooped him up and he retreated to the corner. He was too weak to do anything when we brought him aboard, he slept most of the way! When we came to he was a bit nervous but once we fed him he was pretty calm,” said Mallory.


“He wouldn’t eat at all for the first 5 or 6 hours. We gave him chips and crackers but he didn’t want anything until he woke up and we fed him a tin of Vienna sausages.”

When they reached the land, the grateful fox took a few more bites of food and the fishermen set him free.