Former NBA star dies after gunfire exchange with police

The talent basket ball player was only 27 years old when his life was claimed in a shootout with police after they were called to his residence. 

On July 7, Tyler Honeycutt was involved in an incident with police in Los Angeles after someone called the police to his residence in response to a man with a gun. When the LAPD arrived, the suspect fired a shot from the residence. 

Naturally, the police returned the gunfire, according to E! News. The man then barricaded himself inside the residence. When the police were finally able to break through into the home, they found a man unresponsive on the floor. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department was called to the scene, and they were unable to resuscitate him. They pronounced him dead at the scene. The man was later identified to be Honeycutt. 

The incident took place at Honeycutt's residence, in thearea of Riverside Drive and Tyrone Avenue in Sherman Oaks, California. 

It was intially believed that one of the police's bullets may have struck the basketball player during the shootout, but that was later ruled out. 

The Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed that the condition of Honeycutt's body seemed to indicate that the fatal wound was self-inflicted. 

Honeycutt's mother shared that her son had been acting "erratically" the Friday night, just hours before the shootout.

A family friend and Honeycutt's high school coach, Bort Escoto, said that she had asked him to alert the police as she was concerned about her son's behavior. 

Honeycutt attended college at the University of California, Los Angeles Bruins, where he played for the basketball team. Once he graduated, he played for the Sacramento Kings for two seasons. 

Most recently, he played for the Russian team BC Khimki. 

The team took to Twitter to share their condolences for the player after his manager contacted them to confirm his death. 

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