Elderly man sits near late wife’s casket for 5 hours in a touching goodbye to her

A professional photographer, April Shepperd, captured the touching gesture of Bobby Moore when he lost his wife.

Shepperd had written for the story for her own healing, but decided to share it on Facebook on February 4, 2018.

April Shepperd shared a photo that showed a senior man, Bobby Moore, sitting close to his deceased wife's casket on the day of her funeral.

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He arrived an hour before the rest of the family because he did not want to waste the last few precious hours he would get to spend with his beloved wife.

The elderly man approached the casket, a little overwhelmed, but his resolve was undaunted, and that was to make the most of whatever little time he had left with his late wife.

Sitting next to the casket, he patted and rubbed her arms. The fact that her body had turned hard and rigid and her skin icy cold did not seem to trouble or concern him one bit.

To an onlooker, it might seem like the man was consoling or comforting his wife, but the gestures were more to reassure himself.

The man also seemed unperturbed that his wife never responded to the words he whispered. His words showed the undying love and devotion that Moore had towards his wife.

“I know you can't hear me,” he whispered to his dead wife, “But, I love you.” It was probably something he had said many times to his wife before that day.

However, this was different because his wife now lay in a steel grey casket whose lid was half propped open and the closed-half holding colorful and mismatched flowers decorated with ribbons with the words ‘wife’ and ‘mother.’

The elderly man was still seen sitting on the chair next to his wife's casket, holding her hand and gently stroking her hair, when the family began to arrive.

When his children approached, he mentioned that their mother looked good, making everyone tear up.

Moore continued to sit on the same spot for nearly five hours, tired and spent. He sat there until finally, his mind and body pleaded that he retire and rest.

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