Students do an energetic dance but their 60-year-old teacher steals the spotlight

Shirley Clements wowed the world after a video of an epic hip-hop performance with her students was posted online. She just proved that age is nothing but a number.

Shared by Artistic Edge Dance Academy on March 11, 2015, the 60-year-old Canadian high school dance teacher can be seen performing with her students at hip-hop competition.

Clements celebrated her retirement by pulling out all the stops with a surprise performance, according to Inspire More.

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She teamed up with her students to perform a routine to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk for an annual competition she’d launched 19 years prior

Source: YouTube / Artistic Edge Dance Academy

Source: YouTube / Artistic Edge Dance Academy

In the viral footage, the students can be seen making their way to the floor when the music starts playing.

The young dancers get into their spot before Clements joins them.

The audience went nuts as Clements hit every single move with the same precision as her students.

Source: YouTube / Artistic Edge Dance Academy

Source: YouTube / Artistic Edge Dance Academy

The dance teacher left everyone's jaw on the floor especially when she spins on her head.

She’s just as good, if not better than her students. After all, she’s the one who taught them everything they know.

The students then crowded around her and gave her all the hype she deserved.

Clements killed it again when she appeared live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as reported by HuffPost.

She told DeGeneres that it was a hard choice to bring only 12 of the 40 students who were part of the original routine.

“They are my love and they are part of my heart," Clements said. "They work their butts off and they show me love and respect, and they’re the nicest kids on the planet. I couldn’t ask for more wonderful students to be here today.”

At the end of the segment, DeGeneres surprised her with $10,000 to start her dance studio.

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