Haunting words of woman who lost entire family in horrific car crash: 'Auntie, I'm alone'

Speaking to a relative shortly after the tragic road crash, Mary Rose Ballocanag of New Jersey uttered three heartbreaking words: "Auntie, I'm alone."

Only Ballocanag survived the tragedy that befell her family while they were driving home from a holiday on July 4, 2018, as reported by The New York Post.

The 53-year-old nurse was asleep in the front seat of the family's minivan when it collided head-on with a wrong-way pickup truck along Route 1 near the northern Delaware town of Townsend.

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The horrific crash claimed the lives of her 61-year-old husband, Audie Maniquis Trinidad, and four daughters - Kaitlyn, 20, Danna, 17, and 14-year-old twins Melissa and Allison.

The family were on their way home after their Fourth of July vacation in Ocean City.

Ballocanag, who works as a nurse at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, was awakened by the crash. She saw her lifeless husband slumped behind the wheel with his head on her chest.

She suffered several broken bones.

"She knows they are all gone, but she is under heavy sedation, so it's not sinking in yet," New York Post quoted Daniel Trinidad, the brother of Ballocanag's husband. "I am not sure she'll be able to even stay at this house without her husband and kids."

His deceased brother was a former Navy officer who worked at a Bronx post office.

The couple's eldest daughter was studying nursing at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in The Bronx. The second child was going into her last year of high school while the twins had just completed eight grade.

The driver of the Ford F-350 truck that slammed into the family's minivan has been identified as Alvin Hubbard, 44. The collision occurred after he strayed into the oncoming lane. The white minivan sustained massive front-end damage.

He and his unidentified 30-year-old male passenger were brought to the hospital for minor injuries.

Why Hubbard drifted into the oncoming lane remains unclear. The southbound truck crossed the grassy median and hit the minivan.

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